Saturday, October 31, 2009

Selagi Termampu Aku Akan Cuba Jugak.Sila Jgn Putus Asa.

hey readers.

i have done watching the korean series-Boys Over Flowers.and i totally in love with all the characters.
the most part that i really like was when the couple- Gu Jun Pyo & Gum Jan Di was always fighting.
haha so cute but in the same time they will create a good memories about it.
i wonder if me & he like that.
so fun & happening couple we would be.
hehe okay it just an imagination, just a set of love story.
perhaps in reality i don't think it will definitely like that, right readers?

feels like i'm writing an essay for english paper.haha.fineee....
i was good in English when i was in primary school, but when i grow up, my English seems to be soo rubbished!
i'm trying to gain back my ability to write n speak English fluently.
but when i tried to speak english, my tongue will berbelit2 n my confidence totally down to negative 10!
it was so embarrassing. it just like i'm a new born cute little baby who doesn't know any single words.haha.ok over dh ni.

hmp. what would u guys suggest me to do to improve my speaking?
i need to improve it so much because after 1 and a half year from now, i will be going for an interview seeking for job n i realize that all the company looking forward to a new workers who could speak out loud, giving all the answers correctly with the high confidence level sparkling all over the room.hehe.

okay i know this entry might sounds rubbished to u guys.but i feels relief i still can write in english.
haha okay guys. wish me luck for my final exam this coming wednesday.

wasalam.out. :)


Anonymous said...

we share d same prob..

Anonymous said...

i made i conclusion..hahaha
tusyen sir syam xbaguih..
focus induced to exam only

ChePah said...

yes! agree..mmg btoi2 exam oriented.janji paper dpt a tp yg len mcm hampeh..

Anonymous said...

marilah kita semua jgn p tusyen sir sham lg..marilaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

sempat lagi tu
cakap le english dengan cermin, tiang, pintu, kucing etc


saadah saadun said...

dear cePah..
if u want to improve ur english,
u have to start with simple steps..
as usual..
read a lot.. choose any genre that u like..
but i prefer magazine rather than any heavy thingy to read..
then listen to ur fave english song..
savor the meaning of d lyrics..
and last..
start to write something in english..
make it simple...
one more thing,
SPEAK...u have 2..yes ,,we have too..

ogeh..aku adalah poyo..
ini adalah steps utk dr aku sndr..
grammar aku lintang pukang..berterabur..
sesungguhnya aku adalah lemah menulis dalam bahasa english

ChePah said...

saadah :

u r so good in english. i know that by reading ur blog. me no nothing. i mean a simple english is ok but when i want to speak, totally i forgot evrything.

sumpah kalo ckp tunggang langgang jdnye :|